Supermoon Surgery

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In the Dark

I have a busy day today (including my Annual Appraisal) to kick off a very busy week dominated by the release of this years A-level results and consequent admissions business, so I’ll just post a quickie though one which is at least fairly topical.

Last night (10th August) I took a (not very good) picture of the Moon with my phone:


This is a so-called “supermoon“, a not particularly rare phenomenon which takes place when there is a Full Moon that coincides with the Moon being at the point of its orbit which is closest to the Earth, i.e. its perigee. A much better name is “Perigee Full Moon”, but that somehow doesn’t seem to have caught on in the popular media. The Moon orbits the Earth in an ellipse rather than a circle and at its closest approach it is about 14% closer than at its furthest…

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