Stay passionate

Feet on the ground … Schmidt says his research has never defined his happiness.

Brian Schmidt (Photo:

One Friday, whilst the Universe out there was continuing to expand (perhaps apparently with acceleration) a little group of students, me included, remaining gravitationally bound, enjoyed the discussion with a noble man, Nobel-prize astrophysicist (2011), Brian Schmidt. I must admit, he is one of the most sincere man I’ve ever met, so far.

Never imagine yourself not to be otherwise than what it might appear to others that what you were or might have been was not otherwise than what you had been would have appeared to them to be otherwise.

Thus, I’d love to share two essential things I came away with. I know, you may say these are quite obvious, but they are precious because belong to a man, for whom they stay actual true-life testaments in deed, not barely in word. And yet, who has ever been harmed by a reasonable amount of grog practical wisdom.

Firstly, believe it or not, Brian several times highlighted that the key point in any matter is to stay gravitationally bound passionate about what you’re doing (which may mean, for instance, switching the job instead of making vain attempts to keep the passion). You may have a look at how consonant it is with Steve Job’s opinion here (and references therein!).

Second point I found important was that more office hours doesn’t necessarily mean you will do more stuff. In fact, it usually works in an opposite way: if you stare 24 hours at the screen, your productivity drops down and at the end you narrowly get a single task finished, while you could have done, say, five different affairs, had you scheduled them properly over that time. Thus, get more hobbies not labour hours. Still, don’t lose contact with people. Becoming a desk-dwelling nerd rarely does much good. Again, communication skills and outreach both help to better understand and settle your own challenges and thoughts.

Of course, there were many other valuable pieces of advice, stories and jokes you could have treasured in your memory, which I would leave for your own meeting with Brian. The two above mentioned seem the most important to me, now.

Stay passionate.
© Brian Schmidt


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